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Use of Fluent Ribbon in C++

Mar 21, 2010 at 4:54 AM


Am I correctly understanding that the RibbonControlLibrary.dll that is under the MS license at was the official MS Ribbon Framework Control Library described on MSDN here: ?

As I read more and more about this Ribbon Control Library, it was never a final release, and is now going nowhere...

Is this the official replacement or evolution of the Ribbon Framework Control Library?

Whethere it is or not, is it also possible to compile the XAML with the UI Command Compiler to use in native C++ and MFC, or is this only a .NET control library for use in WPF or C#?

The control looks great, although the test programs have several bugs, but as I'm interested in using Ribbon technology, I would like to understand the limitations and support too.

Thanks for your kind response

Best regards

Mar 21, 2010 at 6:10 AM

Hello, Wizzz.

Windows Ribbon Framework is designed for C++ developers. RibbonControlLibrary.dll is WPF control for managed developers, now in CTP state (under the MS license at
We provide full featured WPF framework for Ribbon development. It is not designed to use Fluent Ribbon Control Suite in a native application.
UI Command Compiler (UICC) (you mentioned) is a integral part of unmanaged Windows Ribbon Framework to compile XAML-like (not XAML) layout (see

So if you want to develop native application you should use Windows Ribbon Framework or MFC-ribbons.


Mar 21, 2010 at 7:33 PM

Hello Daniel,

Thanks a lot for the quick reply and clarification...

One has to admit that the naming of a number of technologies for Ribbons is very confusing. You say use Windows Ribbon Framework OR MFC-ribbons, so I now realize these are 2 different things. Then there is RibbonControlLibrary for WPF, as well as this Fluent Ribbon also for WPF, and I don't even understand how that relates to the Fluent Office Ribbon...

My interest is mostly in developping a native application, or hybrid application in C++/CLI and use Ribbon... so there are many technology choices apparently.

You say the Ribbon Framework uses XAML-like code... Is there any sort of compatibility between that code and WPF XAML used in RibbonControlLibrary ? I already see from the documentation that the Fluent Ribbon and RibbonControlLibrary have different markup.

I have little experience in Windows development, and before I go on with developping a full blown application, I would like to do some UI testing, and I would like to make it as easy as possible but there doesn't seem to be a visual designer for Ribbon Framework or MFC-ribbon. It would be nice to develop the XAML code in WPF and be able to compile for Ribbon Framework.

Final question: why the hell so many way to build a Ribbon?