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FluentRibbon, Composite WPF and the Themes Dictionary

May 25, 2010 at 4:13 PM


I try to use the FluentRibbon with Composite WPF (Prism).
The concept being that modules provide RibbonGroupBoxes, RibbonTabItems or ContextualTabs.

And it happens that the tabs are without content - I think that is related to the themes dictionary.

When I first only had it in the App.xaml the tabs showed up but without content.

I also added it to the resources of the RibbonWindow, than the tab had content.

I added a RibbonGroupBox from another module - that worked.

Now I tryied to add a tab from another module - again it is without content. I added the themes dictionary there - but still no content.


I don't really understand why... and what can i do about it?

Thank you.