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Large icons in backstage tab item

Mar 28, 2012 at 4:06 PM


I'm trying to implement functionality like the 'New' functionality in Office 2010 (i.e. when you show the 'backstage' tab and select 'New', the right-hand side of the BackstageTabItem contains one large button for each thing that can be created).

So far I've got the following...


<Fluent:BackstageTabItem Header="New">
	<Fluent:GalleryPanel Margin="5">
		<Fluent:Button x:Name="blankDocumentButton"
		               Header="Blank Document"
		               Command="{Binding Path=AddNewBlankDocumentCommand}">

However, I only get a small button (the small image with the 'Blank Document' text alongside it).

Does anyone know how I get the button to display as a large button (large image with the text below it)?