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Feb 18, 2010 at 5:37 AM

Hi there

This is a great control - excellent work. I have some questions/issues that i'd like your help on please:

1. BackstageButton.cs - the line about OverrideMetaData in the INSTANCE constructor should be moved to the static constructor - otherwise if you show a window TWICE with a ribbon you get an exception.

2. Is it possible to completely remove the "backstage" tab? Whilst i undersatnd Microsoft's thoughts regarding the idea of this tab, i personally don't have a need for it in my application. I cannot seem to find a way to remove it by styling etc.

3. Using Microsoft's WPF Ribbon Preview controls, when you inherit from RibbonWindow, you get the "Office 2007" style themes - with the rounded top left button. How can i achieve this same look and feel with the Fluent controls?

4. When specifying an Icon/LargeIcon - if the image is large (say 100x100 pixels) it works fine in WPF Ribbon but not in yours - i had to resize to around 30x30 pixels. Perhaps the Fluent system could do this automatically?

5. When adding a caption to a fluent button like "Further Options" - this gets cut off. I had to do "Further&xa;Options" which is a bit of a pain

6. I want the Ribbon to appear "collapsed"/minimized by default when the app starts.. so i set "IsMinimized=false" in XAML (or C#) but neither worked. THe reason is that the RibbonTabControl "IsMinimized" property is defaulted to false and does not read the Ribbon's property. I "Hacked" it by doing 2 things

a) In RibbonTabControl constructor, set IsMnimized = true (or in the dependency property default value)

b) In RibbonTabControl line 318 where it sets IsOpen=true, i had to prevent this happening if (!IsLoaded). Otherwise, whenever the ribbon was loading (startup) it would select/expand the first tab.

7. Last thing is more of a "feature request". I want the behaviour to be that when minimized, if the user wants to see the ribbon, they can just move their mouse over the ribbon and it appears (rather than single click). If they want to "dock it" then they should do single-click, not double-click. I've hacked and played and got this "Partially" working. Any plans to have some support like this? It avoids an extra click and these days with fast data entry this is really what users want.


Thanks again for a great control and I look forward to the answers, AND to version 1 !




Feb 18, 2010 at 9:41 AM

Zubs, Thanks a lot for your feedback!

1). This very helpful, we fixed it

2 and 3). We have Backstage and as you can see we have not implemented "Application Menu" yet. We see to add it in later versions along with Office 2007/Scenic styles. According to the official "Microsoft Office Fluent UI Design Guidelines" application menu button is required (and we have obligations to follow this guidelines). We will investigate it more and consider your suggestion.

4) Ok, I added it to the issue #16407 ( By the way, the guidelines says: "The large version of controls SHOULD use 32x32 pixel icons at 96 dpi. The small version of controls SHOULD use 16x16 pixel icons at 96 dpi". So if you will use 40x40 icons for ex., icons will be blurred.

5) Ok, I added it to the issue #16408 (

6) Ok, I added it to the issue #16409 (

7) I agree that it avoids an extra click, but in the guidelines again: "The Ribbon MUST NOT be automatically displayed when the mouse pointer hovers over the tabs."

We have licensed the Office UI. So we have restrictions, from license: "Your Licensed UI MUST comply with the Design Guidelines.  If Microsoft notifies you that the Design Guidelines have been updated or that you are not complying with the Design Guidelines, you will make the necessary changes to comply as soon as you reasonably can, but no later than your next product release that is 6 months or more from the date you receive notice"

Also, you may visit to read about Office UI licensing.

Thanks again!

Feb 18, 2010 at 11:22 AM

Hi Daniel

Amazing - you responded so fast - i am impressed!

Thanks for your comments.

On point (2), it's good to know you will support the "Application Menu" and "Office 2007" styles - but i think in the "short term", it'd be nice if there was a way to "turn off" the backstage. Can you suggest a work-around for this?


Thanks again,