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Very slow startup and RaceOnRCWCleanup was detected?

Apr 20, 2010 at 9:15 PM

I was looking at the Samples and started them from Visual Studio 2010 RTM (F5 - with debugging). Ribbon Library 1.2 / .net 4

Starting the apps takes ages. I´m not sure if this is related to the actual issue. An empty window shows up pretty fast and then it takes more than 15 seconds until the ribbon appears. When closing the application (e.g. using the red x in the top right window corner) I get the following message from Visual Studio Managed debugging assistants (MDAs).

RaceOnRCWCleanup was detected

An attempt has been made to free an RCW that is in use.  The RCW is in use on the active thread or another thread.  Attempting to free an in-use RCW can cause corruption or data loss.

Can anyone tell what that means and if is harmless!?!?

Is there a way to speedup startup? The build exe runs at normal speed but the slow debugging startup is a little bit annoying.

Apr 21, 2010 at 5:53 AM


As for RaceOnRCWCleanup. This exception occurs under debug & on x64 only. So as a workaround you can target your app x86. We are investigating it ( Don't worry, this is only debug exception (additionally you may just uncheck it in the Debug->Exceptions dialog).

As for startup time under debug... I have noticed that VS 2010 is slower to debug. In my other projects debug has the same speed. I managed to speed up by swithcing on/off some of the parameters in 'Debug->Options and Settings...' (Debugging & IntelliTrace)