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SplitButton not respecting ItemTemplate?

Sep 22, 2011 at 6:44 PM

I have a SplitButton that I'm trying to set up for an MRU list.  I have a static resource "RecentFiles" that is a list of strings, and a static resource "OpenCommand" which will execute the open.
If I do this, I get a menu with the items, but it does not seem to use the ItemTemplate at all:
	Command="{StaticResource OpenCommand}" 
	ItemsSource="{StaticResource RecentFiles}" 
	ItemTemplate="{StaticResource MruCommand}" 

Just to test that I'm not crazy, I tried embedding a Gallery, which does indeed respect the ItemTemplate:
<Fluent:SplitButton Name="OpenButton" Header="Open" Command="{StaticResource OpenCommand}">
    <Fluent:Gallery ItemsSource="{StaticResource RecentFiles}" ItemTemplate="{StaticResource MruCommand}" MaxItemsInRow="3"/>

Is there something wrong with my usage of SplitButton?