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Issues with Ribbon Quick Access Item's Customization

May 18, 2014 at 1:16 AM
I am trying to customize a ribbon's quick access items
Am I doing something wrong because the control seems to have issues

I have to use the following code to get ALL QuickAccessItems
var AllMenuItems = MainForm.TheRibbon.QuickAccessItems.Select(x => x.Target).ToList();
var Controls = 
(from control in MainForm.TheRibbon.QuickAccessToolbarItems
select control.Key as Control into newControl
where !AllMenuItems.Any(x => x.Name == newControl.Name)
select newControl).ToList();
QuickAccessItems does not contain all the items nor does QuickAccessToolbarItems and I am required to search BOTH

When using AddToQuickAccessToolBar(...) it does NOT add the item to the QuickAccessToolbar's Dropdown Menu
I'm not even sure how to change the Dropdown Menu

Also, how do I select which items should be added to the QuickAccessToolbar and which are only in the Dropdown Menu!