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ResourceDictionary Property="Icon"?

Jul 17, 2014 at 7:26 AM

Not having success in setting the Property="Icon" in a ResourceDictionary.

1) I properly added a new App Project to convert to a Library. All Good!
2) Can set the Icon normally in my UserControl using:
<Fluent:Button Header="Exit" Icon="/NathsarTS.Resource;component/Images/Close_16x16.png" />
but, I can't set the Icon using:
<Fluent:Button Header="Exit" Style="{StaticResource FluentButtonExitCommand}" />
<Style TargetType="Fluent:Button" x:Key="FluentButtonExitCommand">
    <Setter Property="Command" Value="{Binding DataContext.ExitCommand, Mode=OneWay, RelativeSource={RelativeSource FindAncestor, AncestorType={x:Type UserControl}}}" />
    <Setter Property="Icon" Value="/NathsarTS.Resource;component/Images/Close_16x16.png"/>
Jul 23, 2014 at 9:53 PM
Did you try adding "pack://application:,,," as prefix?