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As i got little time to write a full documentation (feel free to help me with that) i would strongly advice to have a look at the showcase/sample application which shows the usage of most of the features available in the library.

Major changes in version 3.0

  • Office 2013 theme is now included
  • MVVM support got better (yet not complete, please file a bug for things you need to work)
  • Samples are not divided anymore (all features shown there are now present in the showcase application)
  • All resource reference are now of type "DynamicResource" see comments for changeset
  • We now use the WindowChrome class provided by Microsoft instead of custom code to render in the non client area
  • Large amount of fixed bugs
  • Style resources have been improved. That means you now have to include "Themes/Generic.xaml" to get Office 2010 silver and you can just import "Themes/Office2010/Black.xaml" etc. afterwards to get the different colors. To use the Office 2013 theme you can omit "Themes/Generic.xaml" and include "Themes/Office2013/Generic.xaml" instead. You can use RibbonWindow for Office 2010 or Office 2013 themes and you can switch between those at runtime. The showcase application shows how you can do that.

List of breaking changes introduced in version 3.0

  • DropDownButton now inherits from ItemsControl instead of MenuBase, this makes it necessary to wrap MenuItems in a Menu when used there (as it is done anywhere else in WPF). Inheriting from MenuBase caused a lot of problems. There are samples in the showcase application which show the correct/new usage. DropDownMenuStyle is the keyword you should look for.
  • No control in this library sets IsFocusScope=True anymore. This means that ApplicationCommands (such as paste, cut or copy), when bound to a button, don't get enabled when you would expect them to be activated. The showcase application uses those buttons with IsFocusScope=True.

Known issues

  • The window width is one px less than it should be to avoid a nasty bug regarding maximized windows. So in case your resolution is 1920x1080 it's 1919x1050 (-30 height to take taskbar into account). Please see
  • DropDownButton menu breaks Windows Forms keys This is because we inherit from MenuBase which does some nasty state management to which we couldn't find a way to work around in our library. Please use the workaround described in the issue if you need it to work.

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